Tea growing countries



Sumatra and Java have been producing tea since the beginning of the 19th century, using plants from Assam. Indonesia is the fifth largest producer in the world and its teas are full bodied, round and fairly suited to the addition of milk, especially in the case of broken leaves.


Vietnam was an important tea producer before the war and has started to grow tea again in the last few years, mainly on the high lands. At the present time it is the 6th producer of tea in the world.


Malaysia is a small producer and its teas are black and not very full-bodied.


This small Himalayan state produces a fine and aromatic tea that is a close cousin of the best Darjeelings, to which it is also geographically close.


Close to Assam, Bangladeshi tea grows in the north of the country, near the border with India. Highly coloured and aromatic, it can be taken with a little milk.

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