History in a few words

In Taiwan, tea cultivation began in 1796 when a number of Chines immigrants decided to move to the island bringing over tea plants from Fujian. In the following century, exportation was in full swing and tea became the most exported good in Taiwan. Today, the island consumes 85% of its production, proving that tea is perfectly integrated in the daily life of the Taiwanese people.

Situated across the Tropic of Cancer, the island offers ideal conditions for cultivating tea. More than half of the country is above 200 meters in altitude and is home to numerous mountains. Nantou County is the premier tea-producing region on the island (approximately 50%).
Picture of tea leaf

Tea varieties

The island of Taiwan is reputed for its high-quality Oolong teas. One can also find lightly oxidized Oolong teas like Bao Zhong, along with moderately oxidized teas and rolled into pearls like Ding Dong and heavily oxidized teas like Butterfly of Taïwan.

One can also find some exceptional Grand Cru teas from the high mountains (Gao Shan Cha).

Finally, in Taiwan, one can also find beautiful black teas that rival the most beautiful Chinese Grand Cru teas.
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