Gong Fu Cha introduction Set

Introductory gift set to the Chinese art of tea
Set including all essential accessories for Gong Fu Cha method

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  • Material Porcelain


The set includes all essential accessories for Gong Fu Cha method, respecting Chinese tradition in a simple way : 1 teapot, 1 reserve pot, 2 smelling cups and 2 tasting cups.

The small-sized teapot enables a succession of very brief infusions.
The reserve pot allows for holding the successive infusions.
The cups to smell tea enable to appreciate all tea fragrances.
Two tasting cups in matt porcelain. Thanks to a flared shape, the cups to taste tea make the liqueur cool down and enable to appreciate totally tea flavours.

Technical specifications :
- Capacity of the smelling and testing cups : 3 cl (1 oz)
- Capacity of the reserve pot : 20 cl (6.7 oz)
- Capacity of the teapot : 18 cl (6.1 oz)

Instruction manual available at the back to help.


How to use Gong Fu Cha

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