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Anji Bai Cha Pre-Qingming

Green tea from Zhejiang, China - 2023 first flush
A strikingly elegant Grand Cru with floral, almond and vanilla notes.
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  • Infusion Time 4'

  • Quantity 6 g / 30 cl

  • Temperature of infusion 75°C - 170°F

  • Time of the day All day long


Anji Bai Cha is a very rare green tea made in the mountains of Zhejiang province. Its name means "white tea from Anji" and was inspired by the very pale green tones of its young buds, reminiscent of white jade.

A strikingly elegant spring green tea that unveils delicately precise floral, almond and vanilla notes. A gem!


The history of this fine tea goes back to the year 1107, when Emperor Huizong of the Song dynasty apparently named it as his favourite tea in the book "Treatise on the Magnificent Spectacle of Tea".Then all traces of this incredible white tea were lost in the various upheavals experienced by China over the centuries, and it became a legend.

When a tea plant with white buds was found in Anji county in 1980, it was decided that it must be a descendent of this legendary variety. In the years that followed, cuttings were taken from the bush, and these were planted on small plots in Anji. And that is how this exceptional fine tea was reborn.

‵‵Pre-Qingming′′ means that this tea was harvested just before the ‵‵festival of pure light′′ (festival of the deceased in China) and marks the beginning of the harvest of new season green teas. All the teas harvested before this date are particularly prestigious because of the extreme fineness of the plucking and the tiny quantities that are produced.

In order to bring out all the aromatic complexity of this tea, we recommend multiple infusions using the traditional Chinese Gong Fu Cha method.

Special qualities

  • Origin:
  • Zhejiang, China
  • Tea colour:
  • Green Tea

Suggestion of preparation

With the teapot or the tasting set: 4 minutes in water heated to 170°F.

With the Gong Fu Cha: infusions during 30-40 seconds.

Grands Crus: savour the exceptional

Rare and ephemeral, teas identified as Grands Crus by Palais des Thés are the result of alchemy between a tea plant variety, its terroir and the talent of an artisan grower. Meticulously plucked, processed and sourced in the most respected tea gardens, our Grands Crus unveil unique flavours that reflect the refinement of their origins.

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