Organic Anxi Tie Guan Yin

Oolong from Fujian, China
This renowned oolong unveils delicious floral, vegetal and mineral notes.

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  • Infusion Time 5'

  • Quantity 6 g / 30 cl

  • Temperature of infusion 90°C - 195°F

  • Time of the day All day long, Evening


Anxi tie guan yin is a renowned oolong from Fujian. Its mildly oxidised leaves are carefully rolled into pearls, revealing a splendid floral bouquet.

His name is closely linked to Anxi province, which is known for its floral oolong teas contrasting with traditional roasted oolong teas from the region.

Coming from the same tea plants used to make original tie guan yin, its slightly oxidised leaves are shaped into small pearls. Infused using gong fu cha method, they reveal each time new subtle flavours.

Special qualities

  • Origin:
  • Fujian, China
  • Tea colour:
  • Oolong tea

Suggestion of preparation

With the teapot or the tasting set: 5 minutes in water heated to 195°F.

With the Gong Fu Cha: infusions during 30-40 seconds.

Also delicious iced: steep 8g/0.3OZ in 50cl of water at room temperature 30min. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate

Tea and dishes message

It pairs perfectly with lemon tart.
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