If Camembert, Brie or even Saint-Marcellin (soft cheese with mould rind or washed rind) are more to your taste, you should opt for Bancha Hojicha, a roasted, fruity green tea which provides a soft touch. For their part, black teas from Qimen or Assam are fine and subtle, and will make for a smooth combination with blue cheese such as Roquefort.
If you are serving a mature Compté, Gruyère or Beaufort, go for Pu Erh Imperial or Second Flush Darjeeling, both teas with a strong identity and fruity notes which make for a great pairing.
Finally, for those who prefer goat's cheese, you should prepare a Long Jing Imperial, a Chinese green tea which will give the cheese a gourmet touch thanks to its vegetal and mineral notes. If Tomme de Brebis is your cheese of choice, we would recommend Butterfly of Taiwan, a woody and honeyed Oolong which makes for a smooth pairing.

Our suggestions
Tea & Cheese

  • Pu Erh Imperial
    Pu Erh Imperial
    Cooked Pu Erh tea from Yunnan, China
    €9.90 €9.90 / 100g
  • Long Jing Imperial - Japanese green tea
    Long Jing Imperial
    Japanese green tea
  • Butterfly of Taiwan
    Butterfly of Taiwan
    Oolong tea from Taiwan
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