Les sources : le bruit des vagues & sur un nuage gift set

2 tea bag cases at €26 instead of €28

This assortment combines by the sea and on a cloud, two sensory herbal teas with beneficial qualities from the Les Sources collection. A stylish gift set which brings together two tea bag cases at €26 instead of €28


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by the sea and on a cloud

Dive into a well-being experience with Les Sources, an innovative and original collection of herbal teas containing many plants with beneficial properties. The range is combined with a dedicated digital platform, through which you can enjoy an immersive sensory experience to activate all five senses and travel to a world of well-being.

by the sea is a source of escapism. This caffeine-free organic herbal tea blends schisandra berries, ginseng and lemon balm with pure and fresh peppermint and bergamot orange notes.

on a cloud is a source of serenity. This caffeine-free organic herbal tea brings together passion flower,valerian, lavender, chamomile and vanilla in a comforting blend with soothing properties.

Gift set

This stylish gift set brings together these two organic flavoured creations in cases containing 20 tea bags (2g per bag). This combined ready-made gift set makes for the perfect original gift idea.

Les Sources Collection

Discover the other two organic recipes in the Les Sources collection, which both offer their own beneficial properties: in my bubble, with gourmet cocoa, rooibos and vanilla notes, and pure joy with invigorating orange, lemon and orange blossom notes.

What's in this box?

by the sea: apple*, rosehip seed*, lemon balm* (24%), peppermint* (5,5%), rosemary*, schisandra berries* (5%), ginseng* (3%), flavours: peppermint and bergamot essential oils (2%), marigold flowers*

on a cloud: rosehip seed*, apple*, chamomile* (18%), passionflower herb* (10%), lavender* (8%), valerian* (4%), natural Bourbon vanilla and orange flavouring

*Organically grown ingredients

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