Tea & Fish or Seafood

Fish and seafood make perfect partners for light green teas with vegetal, iodine and roasted notes.

Our suggestions for Tea & Fish or Seafood pairings


Fish with sauce

Pollack, cod, dogfish

  • Long Jing
    Long Jing
    Green tea from Zhejiang, China
    €11.20 €13.70 / 100g
  • Smoky fish

    Salmon, trout, herring

  • Bancha Hojicha
    Bancha Hojicha
    Japanese green tea
  • Grilled fish

    Mullet, bream, bar

  • China Pu Erh Lin Cang
    China Pu Erh Lin Cang
    Dark tea from China
  • Seafood and shellfish

    Shrimp, St. Jacques shells, clams