In Search of Tea - Discovery and Knowledge

By François-Xavier Delmas
A book which is above all a wonderful opening to the cultures of the world and which promises on each page to learn about tea or to deepen its knowledge!

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In search of Tea - Discovery and Knowledge by François-Xavier Delmas

An invitation to travel to the land of tea. In search of the best Grand Crus, François-Xavier Delmas shares his encounters and transmits his passion, his knowledge and his expertise..

«For a long time, I dreamt of a profession that would take me to faraway places and allow me to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, people who don’t speak my language, who don’t have the same experiences as me. I found tea by chance. By accident. I founded Palais des Thés and my work became a passion. I gave my job a name: tea researcher.»

As a well-known expert, François-Xavier passes down with enthusiasm, over the pages, the fruit of his travels around the world, his in-depth knowledge of producing countries, his favorites as well as his ephemeral meetings or beginnings of loyal friendships. His poetic texts along with beautiful evocative pictures taken from life show and understand the different facets of tea by illustrating the many varieties, methods of cultivation, tasting techniques, uses…

Divided into six chapters, In search of tea reveals a mood; share a moment; highlights the customs, traditions, men and women who make these extraordinary teas offered in boutiques; and includes tea culture in the debates around organic agriculture and sustainable development.

Chapters of In search of Tea - Discovery and Knowledge


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