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Mate Introduction gift set

Brazilian Maté 200 g, 1 calabash gourd and 1 bombilla
Discover the benefits of mate with this gift set, which includes a calabash, a bombilla and 200g of Brazilian mate.

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Originating in South America, mate is a beverage renowned for its energising qualities and its beneficial health effects. This gift set is the perfect opportunity to discover mate the way it is supposed to be made. It contains:

- 200g of Organic Mate verde Chimarrão: this Brazilian mate is ideal for traditional consumption in a calabash. Its highly soft vegetal notes are very popular.

- A calabash (35 cl): this preparation accessory helps you enjoy mate simply and easily. Its stainless steel design keeps the drink at the right temperature.

- A bombilla: this steel straw includes a filter at one end, which means the mate can be drunk directly from the calabash. An essential utensil!

The whole gift set is provided in a stylish gift box made from recyclable materials.

What's in this box?

  • Organic Maté Verde Chimarrao
    Mate - Brazil

    A traditional invigorating drink from South America.
    The perfect way to start the day, and an ideal addition to your sporting activities.

  • Maté Calabash
    Maté accessory

    Traditional accessory for preparing and tasting maté.

  • Maté bombilla
    Maté accessory

    Metal straw for mate consumption.

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