How to personalise your iced tea ?

To add a personal touch to your iced tea, you can add:
  • > pieces of fruit peel such as peach or passion fruit,
  • > zest of non-bitter citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges,
  • > herbs such as mint or basil,
  • > spices like vanilla, cinnamon, clove or cardamom,
  • > organic flower petals,
  • > or cane sugar syrup.
Use your imagination to create bold and tasty iced blends that everyone will love! And if you like your drinks to sparkle, tea can also be infused in lemonade instead of water. A guaranteed success!

What time of day to drink iced tea ?

Discover a secret about iced tea: because theine is not very soluble in water at room temperature, a cold infusion reduces the amount of theine, meaning you can enjoy your iced tea at any time of day or in the evening!

Why make your own iced tea ?

It's very easy to prepare: :
all you need is water at room temperature and loose tea, or tea bags like our berlingots specially designed to produce 50 cl of iced tea.
Each iced tea can be customised :
peach, passion fruit, lemon, mint... with fresh fruit, delicately sweetened with syrups, honey, agave or maple - any combination is possible and rich in flavour!
They are the perfect alternative to store-bought ice tea :
the Palais des Thés iced tea recipes have little or no added sugar, and are therefore much better for your health.
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