Tie Guan Yin Impérial

Chinese Oolong tea
This is the highest quality Tie Guan Yin tea.
SafeTea™ *Inspected according to EU regulations on the plant-protection quality of food.
100 g pouch
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  • Infusion Time 5' - 7'

  • Quantity 6g / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 95°C - 200°F

  • Time of the day All day long, Evening


Tie Guan Yin Impérial is a partially-oxidated oolong from Fujian rolled into pearls. The leaves have been lightly roasted to provide the traditional “fire taste” – a blend of mineral and toasted notes. Its name means “iron goddess of mercy”, in reference to the famous legend according to which the goddess Guan Yin appeared to a pious man who took care of her temple and offered him a tea plant boasting exquisite scents.

Its low caffeine content makes it a perfect evening tea.

Suggestion of preparation

With the tasting set: 5'-7' minutes in water heated to 95°C.

With the Gong Fu Cha (teapot/Gaiwan): infusions during 30-40 secondes.

Tea and dishes message

Pairs perfectly with: walnut and gorgonzola pasta.


Oolong Old Fashioned

Oolong Old Fashioned

1 Old fashioned glass

Peparation time : 10 minutes

Infusion time : 4 hours

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