Yixing clay teapot - 0,10 L

Yixing clay teapot 10cl
A beautifully made Yixing clay teapot, ideal for preparing Oolong or dark teas using the Gong Fu Cha method.
10 cl

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  • Material Clay

  • Capacity 10 cl

  • #313131 Colour Black


This authentic Yixing clay teapot is ideal for preparing teas using the Gong Fu Cha method. Beautifully made by local artisans in the traditional Xi Shi shape from black clay, it is finished by hand. With a 10 cl capacity, it allows the same tea leaves to be infused multiple times. The teapot is protected in a beautiful padded storage box secured with a clasp. Yixing teapots are special in that they are said to have a “memory”. With every brew, the tannins build up on the inside of the teapot and help the teas develop its full range of flavours. It is advisable to keep each Yixing teapot for brewing one type of tea.


1 – Heat the water until it starts boiling and pour some into the teapot to warm it. Then empty the teapot into the fairness pot.

2 – Fill the teapot halfway with tea leaves and add a little water to rinse and moisten them. Tip this first lot of water into the fairness pot and empty the latter.

3 – Fill the teapot with water until it overflows to remove any scum.

4 – Place the lid on the pot and leave to brew for about ten seconds.

5 – Pour the infused liquor into the fairness pot.

6 – Pour the tea into the smelling cup then transfer it immediately to the tasting cup.

7 – Inhale the aromas from one cup and taste the tea from the other.

8 – Repeat the infusion using the same procedure, extending the brew time by about ten seconds each time.

Note: this technique is ideal for brewing Oolong and dark teas. Green teas are better steeped in a neutral porcelain gaiwan.

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