Tea & Starter or Appetizer

Tea is an attractive way to open a meal and accompany hors d’oeuvres, starters and appetizers. Discover superb combinations with Oolongs and black teas.

Foie gras & Golden Yunnan

An intense pairing that resonates with notes from the same olfactory families.

Highly aromatic Yunnan d’Or has the same animal, honey notes as foie gras.

Its velvety texture is made smoother by the foie gras.

Together, they create a delicious finish in the mouth through the combination of aromas and flavours.


Foie gras & Dong Ding

A pairing comparable with that of a Gewurstraminer wine.

Dong Ding is round and smooth, but also lively, with floral, buttery, vanilla and vegetal notes.

These notes mingle with those of the foie gras, giving it a smooth, fresh taste.

The result is fresh and very flavoursome.

Our suggestions for Tea & Starter or Appetizer pairings


Foie gras

  • DONG DING oolong tea
    DONG DING oolong tea
    Oolong from Taiwan
  • Yunnan d'Or
    Yunnan d'Or
    Black tea from Yunnan, China
  • Hot pie

  • Butterfly of Taiwan
    Butterfly of Taiwan
    Oolong tea from Taiwan
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