Accords apéritif
Pre-dinner snack
Have you prepared fois gras slices for the pre-dinner snack? Opt for a tone-on-tone pairing with a Grand Yunnan Imperial with its wild and honeyed notes, or a subtle, woody Yunnan d’Or. For a fusion pairing, the best option is Dong Ding, a Taiwanese Oolong with buttery and vanilla notes, which provides a sweet taste. For fans of caviar, Japanese first flush green tea Grands Crus offer an umami taste.
Accords entrée
Pre-dinner starter
Have you made a green vegetable velouté for starters? We recommend pairing it with a mildly oxidised Taiwanese Oolong such as a Bao Zhong Impérial. As for highly oxidised Oolong teas such as Bai Hao Oolong, these contrast perfectly with the aromas of a vegetable pie or a quiche lorraine. If you have prepared a mushroom stir fry, this would go perfectly with a Pu Erh, a dark tea with a highly complementary woodland bouquet. If you're enjoying raw shellfish or shellfish in raviolis, your best option would be a roasted green tea such as the Bancha Hojicha for a smooth or roasted pairing such as the Shiraore Kuki Hojicha in order to create a contrast.

Our suggestions
Tea & Pre-dinner snacks/starters

  1. Best-seller
    Grand Yunnan Imperial, Black Tea - Palais des Thés
    Grand Yunnan Impérial
    Black tea from Yunnan, China
    Also known as “surgeon’s tea” as it awakens without overstimulating, this tea has a honeyed scent and ...
  2. DONG DING - oolong tea from Taiwan
    DONG DING oolong tea
    Oolong from Taiwan
    Considered one of Taiwan’s most superb oolongs, this tea offers the floral notes of a low oxidized ool...
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