L\'énergie du matcha

Energy from matcha

A powdered green tea grown in shade, this emerald-coloured Japanese tea with an umami taste is particularly energising as the entire leaf is consumed when drunk!
  1. Best-seller
    Matcha Impérial BIO - Palais des Thés
    Organic Matcha Imperial
    High-quality matcha
    Japanese green tea with many benefits.
  2. Genmaicha Matcha BIO - Palais des Thés
    Organic Genmaicha Matcha
    Blend of green tea with roasted rice and matcha
    This traditional blend of green tea and toasted rice is enhanced with matcha for added benefits.
  3. Sencha Matcha BIO - Palais des Thés
    Organic Sencha Matcha
    Blend of sencha and matcha
    This invigorating sencha is enhanced with matcha powder for added benefits.

Energy from mate

Mate is not a tea but a plant – Yerba Mate – which comes directly from Latin America. Drunk and reinfused throughout the day, mate is a continuous source of energy.
L\'énergie du maté
  1. Organic Maté Clássico
    Organic Maté Clássico
    Green Maté - Brazil
    The typical South American plant that makes this “Brazilian tea” is rich in caffeine and promotes dige...
    €5.90 €5.90
  2. Mate Verde Chimarrão Bio
    Organic Mate Verde Chimarrão
    Mate - Brazil
    A traditional invigorating drink from South America
    The perfect way to start the day, and an idea...

Did you know?

- Theine is largely contained in the tea buds. The more buds the tea contains, the more energising it will be!
- Black tea is no more or less energising than green tea - it all depends on how many buds each contains.
- Mate is actually an infusion, not a tea, but this does not in any way stop it from being highly energising!
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