Over the centuries, people across the world have developed an instinctive knowledge of the beneficial properties offered by the natural world surrounding them. Palais des Thés is reviving this holistic approach with six organic recipes which seamlessly combine plants, herbs and fruit. Whether infused or iced, take a relaxing break with our Detox teas as they stimulate your senses.

Which detox tea should you choose?


The Detox range offers a relaxing break while stimulating your senses. The range includes green tea, black tea, fermented tea, infusions and rooibos. These organic recipes seamlessly combine plants, herbs and fruit with beneficial properties. These are the finest detox teas!

- Green tea is made from a crop that is rich in buds, and is renowned for its variety of refreshing, anti-oxidant, draining and thirst-quenching properties. To stock up on energy and vitality, choose DETOX Brazilian, a blend of green tea and mate. If you're looking for serenity and peace of mind, try DETOX Japanese, a delicious Sencha green tea made from spirulina, buckwheat and Asian pears.

- Dark teas, – such as Pu Erh – are also excellent detox teas. These teas are renowned for their beneficial properties, and ease digestion, while also improving as they age due to a transformative ageing process. Enjoy this tea after meals!

- Black tea also has beneficial properties. In the DETOX Indian recipe, a organic zesty and spiced blend, the Assam black tea has a positive, relaxing effect on the digestive system and also soothes stomach aches.

- Any time during the day and the evening, infusions are ideal for sleep and relaxation. They bring about immediate wellbeing and can be enjoyed throughout the day. DETOX Scandinavian is a birch and red berry infusion which supports the body's natural defences, and DETOX Balinese is a relaxing infusion which combines the qualities and fragrances of lemongrass, galangal and exotic fruit. Finally, the South African plant known as rooibos is also a powerful antioxidant with a high mineral salt content and which helps to eliminate toxins. Enjoy DETOX South African, a rooibos tea which combines plants (honeybush and moringa) and mango with a draining effect.

All our detox teas are also made from organically grown ingredients and are certified with several different organic labels, label AB, the European Union organic label, Ecocert certified, USDA Organic label.

How should you drink a detox tea?


There is a detox tea for every time of day! From mate to black tea (DETOX Brazilian, Indian) with high caffeine content, to green tea (DETOX Japanese) with low caffeine content, as well as infusions (DETOX Balinese, Scandinavian) and rooibos (DETOX South African), which are caffeine-free so can be enjoyed in the evening, there is a tea for every time of day! For a successful detox, swap between the various teas and their respective properties! A detox tea with digestive properties at the end of a meal, a soothing detox tea in the late afternoon, or a detox tea which supports the body's natural defences in the evening: combine all of these for a 100% detox day. One cup is enough to achieve results, and you don't need to drink more than a litre per day. Lastly, ensure that you carefully follow the infusion time and duration provided for each recipe!

How should you prepare a detox tea?


Would you like your detox tea as an iced tea or hot? With our DETOX range, the choice is yours! For a hot infusion, you should follow the instructions provided for each drink. For iced or room temperature infusions, the leaves should be left to infuse in room temperature water. 16g of DETOX should be added per litre of water. Infusion should last for around one hour. Lastly, remove the leaves or tea bags, place the tea in a cool place and leave to stand before tasting. When serving, add some ice cubes into a cup and enjoy!

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