Pu Erh tea

Pu Erhs are fermented teas. They are prized in China for their benefits and are said to aid digestion. They are sometimes known as “fat-burners”.

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  1. Grand cru
    Gong Tin Pu Erh
    Gong Tin Pu Erh
    Pu Erh from Yunnan, China
    packaging 100 g pouch
  2. Grand cru
    Vietnam Hà Giang Tra Pho Nhi Banh - “Hà Giang Pu Erh Cake”
    Vietnam Hà Giang Tra Pho Nhi Banh - “...
    Cooked Pu Erh from Vietnam - 200g
    packaging Compressed tea
  3. Cinnamon - Pure Indulgence
    Cinnamon - Pure Indulgence
    Pu Erh - Spicy
    packaging 100 g pouch

Pu Erh tea

Pu Erhs are the best-known dark teas. Famous for their beneficial qualities, they aid digestion and help detox the body, making them an excellent choice for after a meal. Mainly produced in the Chinese province of Yunnan using a tea variety unique to the region, this tea improves with age.